How Electromagnetic Radiation is Affecting Your Hormones

Who would have at any time dreamed that the radiation and frequencies created by our wireless engineering would disrupt hormones! But that’s precisely what has occurred.

Hormones are pretty impressive substances. It only requires pretty tiny quantities to generate profound effects in our physique. So even pretty tiny modifications in hormone manufacturing, or lack of, can have significant implications in our physique. Hormones participate in a fundamental purpose in just about each individual significant course of action in the physique…they aren’t there just for intercourse! What are the hormones most influenced by electromagnetic radiation? Very well, it would seem the kinds we know most about as of ideal now are estrogen, testosterone, melatonin, insulin and cortisol. I am guaranteed we’ll uncover that a lot more than just these are influenced but these are the kinds we have some reports on now.

Charles Graham, PhD, physiologist at the Midwest Study Institute in Kansas Metropolis, MO., has done reports indicating that electromagnetic radiation, these as that found in wireless engineering, does indeed disrupt and change hormone levels. In the laboratory, when gals were being exposed to electromagnetic radiation right away researchers found that their levels of estrogen amplified. The difficulty with this is that amplified estrogen levels have extended been acknowledged to raise the possibility of breast most cancers.

We study a whole lot nowadays about the “estrogen mimickers” found in our ecosystem produced from the quite a few chemical substances and pollutants that encompass us. These solutions have a damaging effect on the physique due to their disruption of the delicate harmony of hormones that the physique seeks to obtain. Dr. Graham believes that the purpose that electromagnetic radiation plays in the physique as a “disruptor” of hormones is worse than the effect of the chemical pollutants which functions as estrogen “mimickers.” He feels this takes place simply because electromagnetic radiation appears to bring about its effects by acting on and as a result of hormones as opposed to acting as as a hormone mimicker.

This is a different intriguing twist to the hormone tale. For quite a few decades gals have been prescribed the drug tamoxifen for the purpose of protecting against breast most cancers. In a 1998 research posted in Electrical power and Magnetism in Biology and Medication, Harland, Lee, Levine and Liburdy confirmed the useful effects of tamoxifen to halt the proliferation of most cancers cells was negated when exposed to electromagnetic radiation. In other text, tamoxifen would not perform any more. It shed its skill to defend all those who were being using it. The quantity applied to generate this effect was twelve milligauss which is the usual quantity of electromagnetic radiation created from popular residence appliances like hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, computer system displays, desk lamps and electric clocks.

Assume of the implications of what you have just study. Females who were being using a drug to maintain them from getting breast most cancers all over again may well have experienced the drug rendered worthless from the electromagnetic radiation in our air and produced by popular residence appliances. That’s a impressive effect and a critical one particular.

In addition, Graham and his colleagues confirmed that electromagnetic radiation decreased the levels of testosterone in gentlemen. Small levels of testosterone have been connected to testicular and prostate cancers.

Also, two reports have now been posted displaying how electromagnetic radiation from mobile telephones cuts down sperm counts in males by as a lot as 30%! A person of these reports, a Hungarian research, confirmed that gentlemen who on a regular basis carry their mobile telephones close to their groin, on their belt clip or in a pocket could probably have their sperm rely decreased by up to 30%. The other research was accomplished in the fall of 2006 at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic. Once more, effects confirmed that gentlemen who carry mobile telephones on a belt clip or in their pocket experienced a reduction in sperm rely of 25%.

What’s the just take absent message? Lessen your exposure to electromagnetic radiation and mobile cellular phone radiation. Do not carry the mobile cellular phone close to your physique. Do not carry it on a belt clip or in a pocket. Do not lay it in your lap when driving. Hold electric clocks absent from your mattress at night. And if you need to spend a whole lot of time on a computer system or on a mobile cellular phone or in an location exactly where electromagnetic radiation is existing (ie everywhere) use some style of protecting units that will assistance neutralize the radiation. There are a whole lot of these solutions out there and not all of them perform. So study their reports meticulously and only buy what has been scientifically demonstrated to perform.

If mobile cellular phone radiation is performing this to our hormones and reproductive programs what is it performing to brain?

I keep on to imagine that electromagnetic radiation is our largest health and fitness threat of this century.

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