Excellent Retirement Apartment Living in the Sunshine City!

Believe me when I tell you I recognized the cliche looking for St Petersburg FL apartments for rent online after deciding it was time to retire to Florida. Everyone retires to Florida except for the folks who retire to Arizona. They should rename Florida to New York South. Yes, I lived in New York and like practically all of my friends, decided to move down here. The taxes are lower, the weather can’t be beat, and the golf courses are fabulous. My wife and I couldn’t wait to get out of New York City and set up our base of operations in Florida.

But we didn’t go into it without doing a lot of online research. We also called friends who had moved south years earlier in order to get a good idea of where to go. It quickly became apparent that the Sunshine City would be the place to look. Our friends raved about all the things to do and the magnificent weather. You never have to worry about slipping on the ice in St. Petersburg. It sounded like a plan because my wife’s arthritis isn’t getting better in the New York winters. I also liked the idea of golfing.

So we found a place online and just couldn’t get over the pictures of the apartments. They were all air and sunlight and practically gleamed right off the screen. We immediately flew down to take a closer look and the staff couldn’t have been more accommodating. My wife actually sighed out loud when we toured some of the units and I have to say I almost did as well. Just knowing we’re going to spend our golden years in this heavenly abode is like music to the soul. We’re both thinking we’ll likely never come back to New York once we get down there.


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